Client: Doorgedraaid


Create a new logo and visual identity for the atmosphere engineers of Doorgedraaid.


Doorgedraaid is a creative concept and production house operating mostly in the music festival scene. They create large-scale stages and decorative settings for major events like Soenda, Lowlands and Solar/Extrema. For the new visual identity we created an installation using natural materials, geometrical shapes and light works. A picture of this installation is used as a background image combined with a custom made, modern looking, typographical logo. The logo’s primary geometrical shapes are used to conceptualize the illusion of sound.

Link: Bekijk Doorgedraaid

Client: Various clients

Assignment: Create the visual identity/logo for various companies.

Concept: Custom-made typographic logos.

Visual identity and logo’s

Client: Doorgedraaid

Assignment: Doorgedraaid are best described as atmosphere engineers. Doorgedraaid is a creative company that organises electronic music events and creates stylish and unique decoration and stages for festivals and events, from concept to end product. Studio 071 is responsible for the visual identity of Doorgedraaid, including their bimonthly event posters.

Concept: Doorgedraaid started organising electronic music festivals and events in their home town, mostly outdoors. "The feeling you get when you stand with your bare feet in the grass, dancing till the sun comes up", was to be reflected in their visual identity. Therefore we came up with the concept of mixing nature with electronics and use this as the base of all their designs. Now, after 4 years, the result is quite a large series of posters, which is still growing!

Link: Bekijk Doorgedraaid

Client: Minerva, Paradox

Assignment: Student society Minerva is the oldest student society in the Netherlands. For their 200 year anniversary, Studio 071 was asked to create a visual identity with the theme 'Paradox'.

Concept: A paradox is not only an apparent contradiction, but also a philosophical puzzle. Therefore we came up with the idea to create a 3D logo with different elements that fit together as a puzzle, and to place this logo in a 'Paradoxal' world, surreal and full of contradictions.

Link: Bekijk Minerva, Paradox

Client: Werfpop Festival

Assignment: Design and create the visual identity for Werfpop festival 2013-14.

Concept: The character/logo for Werfpop was a young deer. I decided to underline the 'Rock & Roll' feeling of the festival by taking this young, cute animal and giving it Rock & Roll-worthy tattoos!

Link: Bekijk Werfpop Festival