Client: Rene Oskam


Create a book design, cover illustration and chapter illustrations for the first and second collection of poems by Rene Oskam.


Rene uses an old typewriter to type out his poems. He has shared pictures of his work online, which has been a great succes. The font style we used for the book has been chosen to match with Rene’s typewriter style.   

The illustrations are based on the titles of Rene’s books;  ‘Zwemles in een Zee van Tijd’ (literally translated: Swimming lessons in a Sea of Time) and ‘Safari door the Kosmos’ (Safari through the Cosmo) using an ironic, surrealistic, cartoonish style.

Link: Bekijk Rene Oskam

Client: Double Matured


Create four illustrations including a figurative trade mark for a campaign by Groene Cirkel Bijenlandschap, (a cooperation included Heineken, Naturalis, Akzo Nobel, the Province of South Holland and many others) to raise awareness for the possible extinction of the honey bee.


Together with Double Matured and Studio 071, we came up with the idea to create three images of a fabricated bee, alongside the regular bee, where the end of the abdomen is replaced with products (strawberry, pumpkin and coffee) that might disappear as the result of the extinction of the honey bee.

Link: Bekijk Double Matured

Groene Cirkel Bijenlandschap

Client: LOS magazine

Assignment: Create a cover illustration with the theme: 'Restaurant week'.

Concept: Studio 071 created a portrait of the stereotypical cook inspired by revolutionary Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who is famous for making portraits composed of foodstuffs. As a link to Leiden the nose is a carrot and the cheeks are onions (for the famous "peen & ui", the ingredients of hutspot).

Link: Bekijk LOS magazine

Client: Frank a Do, Online marketing buro

Assignment: Create a character for online marketing company Frank a Do and 12 chapter illustrations with that character for the Frank a Do website.

Concept: Frank is a robot who lives in a digital/mechanical world. He's open-minded, fast, and happy to help wherever he can.

Link: Bekijk Frank a Do, Online marketing buro

Client: Free work

Concept: A serie of illustrations about a girl playing with her best friend, in places where reality and their imagination overlap. These will be used for a future collaborative project.

Client: Free work

Concept: During a trip through Colombia in 2010, while rafting, I heard the sound of a tattooing machine. When I asked my guide where it came from, he said it was made by a small bird that lives there. I have never seen what the bird looks like, but back home I decided to draw it anyhow.  

Tattooing Bird

Client: Management City Centre Leiden

Assignment: Create a cover illustration for the Uitagenda (monthly magazine about local cultural events) with the theme 'The Big Draw'. The Big Draw is an international drawing festival which was held in Leiden to celebrate the 20th anniversary of 'De Kunstroute' (Open studio weekend/Art route).

Concept: The heraldic weapon of Leiden is a lion with a sword and a shield. For this illustration, Studio 071 changed the sword to a pencil and gave the Lion of Leiden a completely different, but no less effective weapon.