Client: Go Gallery, Amsterdam


Curated the art exhibition as well as being the exhibitor.


Through a Keyhole’, an exhibition showcasing 6 contemporary artists form Leiden, also known as the City of Keys, connected through their meticulously crafted designs.

Link: Bekijk Go Gallery, Amsterdam

Client: Free Work

Assignment: -

Client: Galerie Cafe Leidse Lente

Assignment: Design and create a mural for in the women's restroom with designs of Allart Lakke integrated in the design.

Concept: 'De Buitenste Binnen Tuin' is Dutch for The Outside In- Garden'. It's an installation in the style of a mythical, fairy tale garden in the women's restroom at Haagweg 4, where you can go to the toilet while gazing at the stars. The foxes in the entry hall of the Garden are 2 characters created by Studio 071 as mascots for Leidse Lente. (pictures by Andor Kranenburg)

Link: Bekijk Galerie Cafe Leidse Lente

Client: Free Work

Concept: I have always been inspired by design, stories, myths, philosophy and so on from Southeast Asia, so I decided to make one big piece to visualise this. The design took me a year and the actual painting 7 months (not full time).

Oostenwind (East Wind)

Client: Free work

Client: Free work

Concept: Placidus was a Roman general who was converted to Christianity when he, while hunting, came across a deer with a burning cross between its antlers. Later he became known as Saint Eustace of Rome. This painting was based on the tattooed deer I designed for Werfpop (see below).

The Conversion of Saint Eustace